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Try a Qigong Moving Meditation Class in Manhattan (Chelsea or Midtown West)


We offer wellness classes in NYC incorporating Qigong meditation exercises and eastern diet for increasing energy, addressing GI issues, women's health, pain, anxiety and stress, and metabolic issues such as weight or insulin resistance. 


What makes Qigong work? On a practical level, it's similar to but easier than Tai Chi. These simple, moving meditation energy exercises focus on boosting your energy levels and balancing the body for emotional, physical, and mental health. Many evidence based research studies show that Qigong can address mood disorders, alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, physical symptoms, weight gain, metabolism, and chronic illnesses.

Read more about Qigong and watch a Youtube demonstration here. 


What People Say About Qigong, A Moving Meditation Practice


Qigong energy movements  are similar to Tai Chi but are more simple and health-focused; they consist of moving meditation, gentle meridian stretching, and energy building exercises that get your blood and Qi moving for better emotional and physical health.


People report feeling profoundly relaxed, destressed, and very calm; participants are often pleasantly surprised at the tangible physical and emotional changes after practicing Qigong for several weeks. 


Read more here about the amazing changes participants experience after doing The Dragon's Way Qigong class and other wellness programs taught at Sacred Tao Acupuncture.


Live out of town and can't attend class? Packages available for purchase.

Qigong Classes in NYC


Location: Chelsea (NoMad); 34 W 27th St., New York, NY 10001

Dragon's Way Qigong

Read more and register here. 

June 24, 2024, 6-7pm. This Qigong class is a great beginner's intro to Qigong with meditative movements, naturally boosting energy, relaxation & stress relief. This program powerfully addresses many emotional and physical conditions.

Virtual Free Meditation Practice - Qi Thursday @ TCM World Foundation

Start Date: Weekly Ongoing

Read more here.


Four Energy Gates for Anxiety, Pain, Relaxation & Hormone Balance

4 powerful Qigong-based acupressure movements address a wide variety of conditions. In-person & Zoom class in Chelsea, June 24, 2024, 7:30pm

Read more here.


To optimize physical, emotional, and mental health, practice Qigong, a millennia-old moving meditation energy practice, as part of your daily wellness routine.

On a mind-body-spirit level, this energy practice quiets your mind, enabling you to connect to your consciousness on a deeper level. Qigong allows you to connect to your energy body as well as the energy of your spirit and nature, naturally allowing you to move into a peaceful meditative state without any special mind or breathing techniques. Through connecting to your greater consciousness, you can discover that you are part of the Universe. Once you discover this for yourself, you begin to realize the full potentiality of your Beingness - in other words, that the infinite power and all the vital energy of the Universe are yours...


All of the wellness programs taught at Sacred Tao Acupuncture were created by Dr. Nan Lu, OMD, a high-level energy Qigong grandmaster and expert acupuncturist. Our instructors have studied extensively (and continue to train!) under Grand Master Lu and are honored to be certified to offer The Dragon's Way Qigong program and other wellness classes based in his unique, traditional martial arts system, the Wu Ming Taoist lineage.


Read more about Grand Master Lu and his programs here.

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