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Chinese Medicine and Qigong for Women's Health & Fertility


Fertility & Pregnancy


For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has extensively studied and successfully treated causes of infertilty in both men and women, as well as what steps one can take for a healthy, symptom-free pregnancy and healthy offspring.


The major causes of infertility are low energy and high levels of emotional stress.

If you don't meet the threshold of energy required for conception and a healthy pregnancy, you will not be able to conceive or carry to term. It's important to boost your energy levels beyond the minimum threshold to ensure not just a successful conception but also a healthy baby. The more energy you have to give your baby, the healthier it will be in every way.

Emotional stress or imbalance play a huge role in the modern woman's difficulties in conceiving. Because of the stress that modern living, relationship difficulties, career, or anxiety over conceiving, puts on your body, your body is in flight-or-fight mode constantly. When your body's energy is relaxed and functioning properly, you will have a much easier time conceiving. 

To optimize chances of conception, we recommend a combination of Qigong energy exercises, acupuncture, dietary guidance, and Chinese herbal therapy.

Self-care treatment packages for fertility and pregnancy available.

For women undergoing IUI or IVF, we can also provide services to optimize your chance of conception; the effectiveness of using acupuncture to boost conception rates using IVF has been shown through evidence-based research. We do strongly encourage women to consider trying Chinese medicine before resorting to expensive IVF or IUI treatments. This will not only save you time and effort but also will result in healthier babies in the long-run.

The emotional and physical health of the mother post-pregnancy are also very much of concern to practitioners. What many women do not know is that pregnancy and post-pregnancy are two of the three golden opportunities in a woman's lifetime to really transform her health (with the last major healing gateway being menopause).


Visit our Calendar to see upcoming dates for Qigong classes for fertility. 


Read more about evidence based research on IVF and acupuncture. 

Women's Health


Suffer from PMS, menopausal symptoms, cramps, painful breasts, headaches, irregular periods, or other menstrual cycle related issues? Good news: Chinese medicine has studied and successfully treated women's health issues for thousands of years. From the perspective of prevention, a key tenet of Chinese medicine, these symptoms are actually early warning signs from the body that your major organ systems are starting to go out of balance. If left unaddressed over the years, these imbalances can actually progress into major symptoms or diseases, such as a difficult menopause, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.


Don't continue to suffer from menstrual cycle or menopause related symptoms! As a woman, you are entitled to and capable of having a normal, pain-free period and a symptom-less menopause. A combination of acupuncture, herbal therapy, and Qigong energy exercises, as well as simple lifestyle and dietary modifications, can address even severe, lifelong symptoms, often significantly reducing them within 1-3 months of regular treatments.


Women's health hormone-balance or breast cancer support package available.


As with everything in Chinese medicine, your emotions and stress levels are also deeply tied to your menstrual cycle issues, as they directly affect the Liver, the most important organ and meridian for every women's health. Of all your organs, the Liver is most affected by the vibration of excess emotions, especially negative ones such as anger or stress. For optimal results, it's very important to treat your emotional health for better physical health.

Check out our calendar on upcoming women's health wellness classes. 

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