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Spiritual Counseling

We offer in-person and virtual counseling sessions for mind-body-spirit healing. Transform your life by transforming your perspective and way of thinking. Learn to listen to your intuitive mind and align your beliefs with your spirit for life-long happiness, abundance, and health.

Spiritual counseling plays an important role in creating mind-body-spirit health. We base our approach mainly on the teachings of the Taoist lineage of Wu Ming Qigong as taught by Dr. Nan Lu, OMD, Qigong grandmaster and expert Chinese medicine doctor. Your beliefs, your daily thoughts and habitual psychological patterns shape your internal and external reality. The concepts that "You create your own reality" and "Everything is energy, all energy has consciousness, all consciousness has purpose - all purpose is for good" are the foundation of our philosophical and spiritual approach.


To truly change your life and return to your natural state of well-being and good health, one must put deliberate effort towards two main areas. The first is changing your psychological focus on a daily level to that of positive thinking, finding purpose, and prioritizing self-love and feeling good. One can transform one's psychological patterns by learning to listen to one's intuitive mind rather than the cultural conditioning and socialized beliefs that often keep an individual from reaching his or her highest potential, creating anxiety, fear, and paralysis.


The second is cultivating a serious energy practice, such as yoga, Qigong, martial arts, or other forms of moving meditation. The latter encourages the former through developing intuition and the mind-body-spirit connection. An energy practice also allows one to transcend the confines of the rational mind and three dimensional life, going beyond to become aligned with spirit and Universal consciousness, and the wisdom of ancestral and spiritual bloodlines.


To facilitate changing both behaviors and psychological habits, we also tap into the metaphysical teachings of Seth and Abraham-Hicks, as well as the Western approach of positive psychology (as influenced by the New Thought philosophy of Law of Attraction). 

Life continually poses challenges - but it's how we perceive these challenges and how often we make the effort to transform them into opportunities for growth and change that makes all the difference. Can you truly learn to see the silver lining, the good in every situation, relationship or interaction? Can you go with the flow by understanding that you chose and created your reality by the power of your mind's focus and your heart's desires? Can you believe that, at any time, you can change your life and body by aligning your rational mind with spirit and your heart? When you approach life experiences in this manner, anything is possible -- you remember that life is and always has been a magical world of infinite possibility. 

Some books we recommend reading: 

Digesting the Universe - Dr. Nan Lu, OMD

Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality - The Seth Books by Jane Roberts.

Ask and It is Given - Abraham-Hicks 

The Secret to Healing Cancer - Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu

The Secret - Rhonda Byrnes

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience - Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Authentic Happiness - Dr. Martin Seligman

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