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The Dragon's Way Qigong® Program


The Dragon's Way Qigong program, created by Dr. Nan Lu, OMD, has been in use for more than 25 years and has benefited tens of thousands of people globally. Find out more about upcoming group Qigong classes in Chelsea (NoMad), New York City, at this link.

Curious as to how to use Qigong, acupuncture, and herbs for emotional and physical health, especially if you want to regain a normal metabolism and attain a healthy weight? Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and Qigong can help tremendously by tuning up and rebalancing organs that play a crucial role in healthy metabolism function. Weight loss naturally occurs when your body's organ systems are back in balance and you regain energy through improved metabolism, which contributes to sustaining a normal metabolism, proper digestion and absorption of food and its conversion into usable energy, as well as appropriate hunger/appetite signals. 

Any healing requires both energy and balance. Once you gain energy and rebalance your body's nervous system, organs, endocrine system, digestive system, hormones, adrenals, and so on, your body can heal from anything and you naturally attain a healthy weight and renewed energy. 

The number one cause of imbalance and metabolism dysregulation is stress. This Qigong program is designed to help your body, mind and spirit let go of the effects of stress and repair any wear and tear you have accumulated from years of a stressful lifestyle. 

Because Chinese medicine and Qigong are holistic health systems that have long studied every facet of how to improve your health, learning how to change your lifestyle and diet using Taoist principles are an important component of this program. While the cornerstone of the program are the 10 Qigong moving meditation movements, you'll get faster and more profound results by changing lifestyle habits and beliefs as well as your food choices. 


The perfect self-care adjunct to acupuncture treatments for wellness and weight loss, The Dragon's Way Qigong 6-week program will guide you through a transformative self-healing journey you'll never forget. Whether or not you want to lose weight or healing chronic conditions and improve your mental health, you'll experience the tremendous power and unique capability of your body to self-heal, while looking and feeling the best you've felt in years, even decades

Read about weight loss and acupuncture in our recent interview from Prevention Magazine.


Watch a Youtube demonstration of the movements below.


Weekly group Qigong classes in Chelsea (NoMad), New York City, or do-it-yourself packages available, see below.


You'll learn how to:


  • Use 10 powerful Qigong energy exercises to rebalance and build your body's energy at a deep level.

  • Nourish yourself in mind-body-spirit with the ancient, practical wisdom of Chinese medicine.

  • Use eastern nutrition and Five Element Theory as a healing tool for weight issues, chronic conditions, and stress.

  • Re-connect to your body's wisdom by learning about how you really are part of nature.

  • Apply natural law to jumpstart your metabolism and achieve true emotional and physical health.


Live out of town? We can mail you a do-it-yourself virtual package, and we offer Zoom consultations. 


Virtual Qigong package includes a diet plan, DVD, book, CD, optional herbal supplements, and online or Zoom consultation.   

Fees for 6-Week Group Qigong Class (includes package): $229 for new participants, $129 for returning participants. Payable by cash, check, credit card, some insurance plans, or HRA/FSA cards. 

Please inquire for payment plans and student/senior discount.

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