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Our Practitioners

We're committed to empowering your true self for mind-body-spirit health and happiness.

Our Ethos

We believe in compassionate, dedicated care that looks at all aspects of your health, mind-body-spirit. We approach health and wellness from the standpoint that every person is a unique being with a limitless self-healing capacity, fully supported by a deep connection to nature and the unconditional love of the Universe. Your happiness and fulfillment as a spiritual and a physical being is key to your existence -- all disease is but your body's way of reminding you of this fundamental truth. Symptoms, then eventually more serious conditions, appear as signals from your body only to encourage you to live the life you're meant to lead, to remind you that life is about the freedom to enjoy and love yourself, no matter what path you take. Well-being is your natural state; can you allow it in?


We play but a small part in your healing transformation. Our role is to give you a good energy tune-up, show you some effective, practical tools to take care of yourself on a daily basis, and educate you on holistic ways to think about diet, exercise, and the connection between emotional and physical well-being. We advise you on how to best re-balance your body and lifestyle to address symptoms so that you feel better in mind, body, and spirit; we do so mainly by encouraging you to remember the healing power of being true to yourself and your unique promise you came to this earth to fulfill. 


However, these are but the first few steps towards true health. The real healing journey begins when you realize that every challenge that life presents is actually an opportunity for growth and change, a chance to find your unique Tao, your own sacred path for yourself, empowered by the knowledge that you truly create your own reality. Total health comes when you fully embrace your unique creativity, who you are and are meant to be, in this life, this particular time and space.

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