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Andrew Smith, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Acupuncture Assistant

Andrew Smith is a licensed Massage Therapist and a current doctoral student of acupuncture at Pacific College of Health and Science in New York. He expanded his intuitive practice with formal training from the famed Swedish Institute of Health Science in 2010. Andrew continues to cultivate his practice while merging Eastern and Western approaches to healing the physical and spiritual body.


His extended discipline combines ongoing teachings in ortho-bionomy, meditation, and martial arts, as well as the energetic art of Wu Ming Qigong. Ortho-bionomy is known as the homeopathy of body work; this is a gentle interaction with the client, stimulating proprioceptive (self-correcting) reflexes in the body’s nervous system, reminding the body how to find comfort, structural balance and heal from pain. 

Andrew's Story

Andrew began his lifelong studies in martial arts decades ago and holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Shotokan Karate. His martial arts practice naturally led to his interest in the human body and how it heals itself from injury or overtraining, inspiring him to study massage therapy and pain management at Swedish Institute. Andrew prides himself on creating a safe, nurturing space in which his clients can not only remedy bodily ailments but also cultivate inner peace. Coupled with his extensive training, Andrew is a healing practitioner of honorable mention with a deeply intuitive touch. A long-time student of Grand Master Nan Lu and the ancient Taoist Wu Ming lineage, Andrew is a certified Dragon's Way Qigong Instructor and Qigong Meridian Therapy Practitioner.

From Andrew: "I think it's important to have a practice that informs the rest of your life, a practice that has interdimensional benefits and can be taken to the level of mastery. Ancient Martial Arts systems have been carved nearly to perfection, and one of the most magnificent things is that it is not perfect, it is up to the student to want to improve, to seek perfection of character. We are pushed to explore all sides of life - feminine, receptive, intelligence and our masculine, aggressive and forceful aspects. We bring these opposing forces of our being to our martial arts practice and are constantly reminded that what we encounter in the dojo and how we respond is a metaphor for how we will conduct ourselves in the rest of our lives. I love being a student of martial arts and love to say that I use the skills I learn in the dojo every single day but never in combat."

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