Acupuncture & Massage Services in Chelsea & Midtown West, NYC. 
We offer customized acupuncture, massage, Qigong classes, and Chinese medicine treatments at our two locations in Manhattan, New York City to fit your needs. Take advantage of the rich multi-modality wisdom of this ancient holistic medical system by opting for a treatment plan focusing on one of our specialties.
For the most effective results, each plan incorporates the following: 


Dietary Plan

Delicious, easy-to-follow meal plan using "healing essence" dense whole foods. Based on eastern nutrition principles designed to heal your digestive system and improve metabolism and organ function. Food-as-medicine is a long-standing tradition in most Asian cultures. 

Qigong Exercises

The cornerstone of each plan are Qigong energy exercises that re-balance and restore your body's energy, deeply heal your metabolism and hormone system, and decrease your stress and anxiety levels (instructional practice DVDs will be provided)

Herb Supplements

FDA-certified herbal supplements are crucial for quick results. They will be the best and most direct way to extend the effects of your treatment throughout the week by continually rebalancing your body and revitalizing your energy, inside and out.


We recommend 1-2 acupuncture sessions a week (including ear acupuncture and ear seeds) to start with, depending on your health status. Those with deeper imbalances and energy deficits will intially require more frequent"tune-ups".

Spiritual Counsel

A huge part of healing is to balance your emotions and change negative thought habits. Because thoughts are energy, you are what you think--cultivating self-love, gratitude, and positive visualization is key for a healthy body and lifelong wellness. 


For optimal effectiveness, we recommend at least 6-10 weekly acupuncture treatments as part of each plan. Our specialties include: 


Weight Loss 


Stress & Anxiety/Depression 


Women's Health & Fertility (PMS, pregnancy, menopause)

Men's Health


Gastrointestinal &  Metabolism Disorders (IBS, IBD) 


Breast Cancer & Side Effects (Chemo/radiation side-effects, hormone therapy)


Spiritual counseling (mind-body-spirit healing) 



We also offer Qigong Meridian Therapy (acupressure), Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy, Medical Qigong (touch-less energy treatment similar to Reiki), facial rejuvenation, cupping, moxibustion, reflexology, Eastern nutrition guidance, tui na acupressure massage, herbal therapy, and aromatherapy.