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Be well in mind, body, and spirit.

We empower you to reach your fullest potential, live your best, healthiest life, and follow your true purpose using the ancient quantum wisdom of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Taoist spiritual counseling, acupressure massage, and Qigong moving meditation. 

Best Acupuncture New York City (Chelsea, Midtown West, Flatiron, NoMad, Columbus Circle) Near Me, 10001, 10019

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Services Offered


Herbal Therapy

Massage Therapy

Facial Rejuvenation

Cupping & Moxibustion



Medical Qigong

East Asian Nutrition

Spiritual Counseling


Why Choose Acupuncture?

A five-thousand year old holistic medical system, Chinese medicine (and acupuncture) provide a safe and effective way to heal naturally, complementing Western medicine by mitigating side-effects of medication and surgery by addressing stress and health psychology, balancing and restoring your body's energy, and addressing root causes of disease.

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Locations & Hours in NYC

Midtown West (Columbus Circle)
850 7th Avenue Suite 302
New York, NY 10019

Chelsea (NoMad)
34 W 27th St 12th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Monday, Tuesday & Friday

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Our peaceful healing centers are located in Chelsea and Midtown West, New York City

Best Acupuncture New York City (Chelsea, Midtown West, Flatiron, NoMad, Columbus Circle) Near Me, 10001, 10019

Our unique approach to healing with acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

We offer acupuncture, massage therapy, Qigong moving meditation classes, and spiritual counseling services in Manhattan, with locations in Chelsea (NoMad) and Midtown West (Columbus Circle), New York City; if you prefer needle-less treatments, we also offer medical Qigong (similar to Reiki), laser acupuncture, and Qigong meridian therapy, a specialized type of acupressure.

Our team of highly trained, dedicated practitioners believe in compassionate, thorough care that addresses all aspects of your health, mind-body-spirit, with acupuncture and Taoist wisdom. We are here to encourage you to remember the healing power of being true to yourself and your unique promise you came to this earth to fulfill.
Total health comes when you fully embrace your unique creativity, who you are and are meant to be, in this life, this particular time and space. Read more about our ethos and our practitioners. 


Mental Health

& Stress, Anxiety

Digestion Issues

& GI Conditions

Pain & Tension

Sports Injuries

Breast Health 

& Prevention

Women's Health

& Fertility


& Weight Loss

Our Practitioners 


We're committed to empowering your true self for mind-body-spirit health and happiness.

What's New?

New blog post: Spring is Nature's Time to Bloom. "April showers bring May flowers." Despite the somewhat chaotic nature of Spring weather in April, Nature is starting to bloom and blossom and getting ready to mature and bear fruit. ...Read blog post here. 

3E Qigong - "Energy, Everybody, Everyday." May TBA. Learn more. This Qigong class is a great beginner's intro to Qigong through Taoist stepping & moving meditation, naturally boosting energy and promoting relaxation.

Donation only, online & in-person class, May 27th, 2024: Four Energy Gates for anti-anxiety, pain, & hormone balance: ($10 suggested) Learn to do gentle Qigong-based acupressure exercises for physical and emotional wellness, relaxation, and pain relief. Read more.

Qi Thursdays - Free Virtual Taoist meditation. Sponsored by Grand Master Lu and TCM World Foundation staff and students. Read more here. 

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