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Can Smoothies Cause Cellulite?

Smoothies have become a ubiquitous meal replacement, usually consumed on the fly and loaded with blended ice, dairy, raw veggies, frozen fruit and protein powder. Easy and nutritious, they're great for getting in several servings of fruits and vegetables on days when you're in a hurry.

However, there are some digestive downsides to smoothies. The short of it: cold food, raw vegetables and dairy are actually three of the most energetically difficult things for your Stomach and Spleen to digest. Day after day of your digestive system working over-time to warm up ice-cold foods and break down raw veggies, lactose, or milk proteins, can wear out Stomach and Spleen function, eventually impacting your metabolism and yes, contributing to cellulite, especially if you already have GI-related issues.

What's the connection between cellulite and poor digestive function? The Spleen is responsible for water metabolism and circulation in the body, and it also is in charge of forming and regulating the body's flesh. When the Spleen is low in energy and out of balance, it can’t do its job of properly digesting food into energy, leading to dampness (fat + mucus) buildup in the body. It also has a hard time distributing water properly throughout the body and flushing out undesirable toxins. The combo of decreased water circulation + increased dampness are a recipe for cellulite formation, as the dampness and excess fluids accumulate and build up in less than desired areas.

Not to worry: eliminating cold, raw, dairy, or frozen foods from your smoothie (and diet) can go a long way towards preventing cellulite, as well as eating cooked foods, hot soups, and tea on a regular basis. Getting acupuncture, herbs, and cupping can also help by tuning up your digestive system and metabolism and encouraging healthy circulation of energy and fluids to get rid of unwanted metabolic by-products.

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