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How to Use the Energy of Spring for Growth and Transformation

Spring is an exciting time of growth, creativity, and preparation for new life. It's also the perfect time to maximize our own growth and healing, by connecting more harmoniously with the consciousness of Spring and following natural law.

How can we best do this? Because our Wood element organs, the Liver and its partner, the Gallbladder, correspond to the energy of Spring, we can maximize our connection to Spring's healing energies by enhancing Liver function. Think of this organ as our "antennae" to Spring's energy. The more in balance and better functioning the Liver organ is, the more clearly we can tune into the seasonal changes afoot and use that energy for our own transformation.

So what can we do to enhance and balance Liver function? Stress management (the Liver processes all emotions, especially stressful ones), rest, Qigong practice, meditation, food-for-healing, and herbs can all help us tune into the power of Nature's spring consciousness. All of these help the Liver regain balance and restore its energy. In this way, we can optimize our healing process and set a strong foundation for the coming year's growth.


2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon - considered to be a very lucky year in Chinese culture! The powerful Dragon, which is the only Chinese zodiac animal that exists outside of this dimension, symbolizes the creativity, imagination, and limitless possibilities that will characterize this year's changes. Because it is a Wood element year, 2024's energy will be similar to that of Spring and the Liver all year. It's a great year to use this natural energetic boost to transform yourself, your life, into whatever your heart desires, to achieve the impossible. We wish you much continued abundance in your health, work, and prosperity in the coming Year of the Dragon. Learn more here about the Year of the Wood Dragon.


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