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Tune into Nature's Fall Energy for Balance and Letting Go

Transitioning between the warm seasons to the cool seasons takes energy and balance. Our body requires different energetic and genetic expression to function optimally during different seasons. These shifts take several weeks between every season, so during this time, gifting ourselves with extra self-care and rest best facilitates this transition. The energy of the Fall season correlates with that of the Lung and Large Intestine, which help your body harmonize with nature’s autumnal changes, keep what is valuable, and let go of what you don’t need anymore at this time. Fall is nature’s time to create the ultimate balance in life, between old and new, life and death. By letting go of the old, we can make room for the new that will come again in the spring, after slowing down and recharging our energy during the cold winter months. Fall is Nature's energetic version of the human life cycle of birth and death. It's not an accident that we enter life with our first breath, and that we leave life with our last breath. When we are complete in our purpose each lifetime, we discard our bodies, moving on to the next adventure to create space for new life, new growth, not only for ourselves, but also for humanity. Just as our lungs hold onto the precious oxygen we breathe, our spirit holds on to the most valuable part of each life we live: the wisdom and karmic growth that we've gained, to be used for our benefit in future reincarnations. Eventually, we evolve enough to exit the human karmic cycles and move on to the next exciting part of our multidimensional journey.

Nature supports us with this cycle of balance and letting go not only during the fall season, but also on a daily basis, with the physical and energetic actions of our Lung and Large Intestine organs. Therefore, it's important to take care of your Lungs and your Large Intestine throughout the year, as they play important roles in our metabolism, energy production, immunity, and digestion. However, it is most important during the fall season to give these organs added support by connecting intentionally to the consciousness of nature. Tuning up these organs help your body's environment and metabolism shift to a different energetic frequency to deal with the cold weather and to prepare for Winter. If you know your Lung and Large Intestine need a good tune-up, based on symptoms you're experiencing (skin issues, immune system problems, breathing difficulties, constipation, and other respiratory or gut-related issues, for example), you can make tremendous shifts in your health by connecting more deeply to Earth's energies at this time. Nature is the most powerful energetic force, and since we are part of nature, we can take extra advantage of the cleansing and balancing power of Fall by harmonizing with its energies. The ancient Taoist shortcut to doing so is through meditation and Qigong practice, as well as resting our digestive system and enhancing our energy by eating lighter, seasonal foods (you can save a lot of energy for healing by omitting heavier foods such as bread, meat, dairy, raw and cold foods). Every Fall, my spiritual teacher and Qigong grandmaster, Dr. Nan Lu, offers an intensive Qigong and cleaning eating program to facilitate this powerful energy tune-up. Read more and register here. October 9-16.


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