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A Seasonal Frequency of Love: Summertime

One of the weird but fascinating theories espoused by Chinese medicine (aka Taoist quantum energy healing) is that everything, including emotions, organs, senses, and so forth, have energetic correlates in nature. The simple explanation being, that we are fundamentally energy beings created by nature, and at the subatomic level, different parts of us vibrate at certain frequencies that match frequencies of phenomena found in the natural world, including elements, sounds, colors, etc.

Believe it or not, the ancient Taoists discovered that seasons also energetically corresponded to different aspects of our bodies and psyches. Which, if you think about it in physics terminology, kind of makes sense. What is a vibration? It's a bunch of particles oscillating at a frequency, a cyclic wavelength dependent on variables of time and space. Well, that's essentially a season, on the macro level: a bunch of particles (the earth, nature) vibrating in a cyclical period of time in a certain geographic place.

I'll stop there before my physics professor dad gets on my case for stretching this analogy too far, and get back to the part about Taoist quantum theory. One of its main precepts is that every season corresponds to certain human emotions, and summer is the season that energetically matches the emotions of love, joy, and happiness. Not surprisingly, these emotions are generated by your Heart, THE organ of love.

So summer is the perfect time to get your love vibes on and to follow your heart. This is always a good thing to do year-round, but right now, the entire HEMISPHERE is vibe-ing at the frequency of passion and joy, so it's especially easy and beneficial to do so now, for maximum emotional and physical benefits. All you need to do is to join that cosmic dance celebrating everything fun and good about life. Vacay, stay-cay, beach time, summer romances, dancing until dawn, relaxing on your favorite mountain, kayaking down the Hudson, lots of selfies of your sun-kissed smile posted on Instagram -- you get the picture.

Going with the flow of nature is always the best thing you can do to reach your highest state of well-being. Taoists call that being in harmony with nature. Yet another reason that summer is the perfect time to get your best love-shack self on and go forth and enjoy your life. You heard the doctor's orders: summer loving is the best medicine.

Thinking of all these love vibes reminds me of a song from the much beloved Broadway show, Rent, that says, "Love heals...hold on to love and it'll lead you home." Love heals all; it's truly the shortcut to good health and happiness. Love is the highest vibration of emotion -- all that energy created by love is infinite. Think of energy as being money: what can you do with an infinite bank account? You can do pretty much anything. Love will never lead you wrong -- it'll always lead you exactly where you're meant to be headed, and it'll always bring you back to the best possibility of you, in mind, body, and spirit.

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