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Summer - The Season of Fire

Summer is ruled by the element of fire, which supports and stimulates the Heart and its corresponding emotions of love and joy. What is the importance of the element of fire and the Summer season in our lives?

Out of fire comes all of life. Many eons ago, the very beginnings of life began with an explosion of hotter-than-hot burst of energy that created universes. Stars were born, spinning, burning balls of light that coalesced into galaxies, including our own galaxy, with our sun and its system of surrounding planets.

Fire is the mother of the earth. It is the energy that created galaxies, and it is the energy that fueled civilizations. It provides light and warmth to us all. Controlled and regulated, it warms our houses, cooks our food, grows our crops, provides light when there is darkness. Without it, we could not have candles, lamps, electricity, most of the tools and technology we use in our lives on a daily basis. Fire is indeed king of all -- and just like a tyrannical king, when it is out of control, it can destroy lives, entire civilizations. And like a kingdom without its king, without the fire of our sun, our crops would wither, and all of nature would die, freezing over, from lack of warmth, lack of light.

Fire generates light energy, and light is love. Light is unlimited, and so is love. Just like energy, love can never be destroyed, only transformed. One might say that love is the only thing that can travel faster than the speed of light. Without love, we would wither away from the inside out. Without passion, life would be joyless. Without self-love, we could never blossom into the fullness of all that we are meant to be.

The light of the sun is unconditional love. The sun always rises to shine its light on the earth, without fail. And when it is dark at night, the stars and all the galaxies burn brightly to remind you that love is always there for you, surrounding you. All you need to do to feel that eternal love is to listen to your heart, for the heart is your body’s sun, the source of its fire, a fire eternally connected to that limitless light, that love which created universes.

If your birth element is fire, your gift is the ability to remind us of this love. To remember the Source from which we all came, and the light to which we all eventually return. Passion, romance, interconnection, and procreation -- that’s the gift of fire, that radiant joy and love that inspires creativity. The gift to inspire us to remember that no matter where we are in life, no matter how dark life might seem, that light and love can always be found within. To lead us back to the light, reminding us that love is infinite, and that as beloved children of the Universe, we are limitless.

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