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How to Enjoy the Year of the Pig

If you want to get an immediate sense of what an Earth Pig year is all about, picture this: a pig luxuriating in its muddy paradise, oinking contentedly, without a care in the world, its sensitive snout sniffing its surroundings with pleasure (side-note: many studies have shown how certain soil microbes may have anti-depressant properties by stimulating serotonin production; is this the real secret to a pig's ever-pleasant countenance?).

An age-old Taoist belief says that being in harmony with nature is the best way to ensure mind-body-spirit health. So what does aligning with this year's energy look like for us humans? Enjoying yourself, not caring what other people think, believing that you can eat and digest anything. Pigs always have a good life and get exactly what they want, and they do so mainly by taking pleasure in the simple things of life, working smart not hard, relaxing in the moment, and generally being true to themselves. Because they are so good at digesting anything and accumulating it, the energy of a Pig year is considered lucky when it comes to getting whatever you want, simply by being true to your nature.

The Earth energy of this year brings an added element to this dynamic. Earth, our great Mother, is about self-nurturing and self-love. It's also related to the Stomach and Spleen, two major digestive organs that help us digest both food and life. Like the Pig, Mother Earth can digest anything, good, bad or ugly. It unconditionally loves and supports us, no matter what. It's also about self-preparation for growth. Soil needs a specific balance of water, minerals, fertilizer, and sunlight to ensure maximum growth. Take especial care this year to bring balance into your life by making sure you nurture yourself with what you truly love and need, to best bloom and bear fruit throughout the year.

Can you connect to the consciousness of Mother Earth, having faith that it supports and loves every being unconditionally, no matter what? Can you be like the Pig, transforming even the yuckiest spoils into accumulated treasure? That's the true secret of the Pig's relaxed abundance: faith that no matter what life brings, it can handle and digest anything. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself, and you'll be sure to be rewarded with much prosperity, happiness and good health this year.

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