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Anxiety: A Life-Changing Opportunity

What is the real cause of anxiety? The Taoist perspective implores us to ask, what deeper purpose does it serve? Every symptom is not just a symptom; it’s your body’s way of alerting you that a deeper energetic and spiritual issue is afoot. That somehow, you aren’t following your spirit’s deepest wishes: to be happy and creatively fulfilled.

Anxiety is limiting. Panic attacks can be debilitating. They don’t just impact you emotionally, but physically and spiritually as well—preventing you from living life to its fullest. Your thoughts and emotions are powerful. And while some may disregard them as “fleeting feelings,” emotions are energy that can seriously unbalance your body’s energy if left unchecked.

So why are you experiencing anxiety attacks? Is this the path your life is intended to take? We are taught to have faith that everything happens for a reason and that everything happens for good. As in many things in life, it’s all about perspective. Once you experience anxiety, you don’t need to succumb to its challenges. Instead, anxiety can serve as the vehicle to a life-changing opportunity. Challenging yourself to become aware of the deeper causes of anxiety can bring you back to your true path and can lead to an exciting journey of self-discovery—the possibility of an entirely different, happier, and freer life based on authenticity, faith, and self-empowerment. And once it has served this deeper purpose, the root cause of your anxiety will heal, and the symptoms will disappear.

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