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Why Self-care is Essential for Women's Health

Women are nature's powerhouses of nurturing and creativity, giving birth to all of humanity. We're usually the primary caretakers and nurturers in the family, caring for our children as they grow, for our parents when they need support later in life. Modern women also take on the added responsibility of jobs and careers, bringing their powerful creative force to the workplace.

All this creativity takes energy! Just as having two or three jobs requires extra energy, so does taking on all these responsibilities. Wife, mother, parental caretaker, and ambitious career woman -- that's four "jobs" already, more, really, if you're juggling multiple children, the in-laws, and grandchildren.

While nature designed women to have a second engine of energy that supports all this creativity -- our ovaries and uterus -- it's still important to give ourselves permission to rest and indulge in self-care, especially during our periods and during pregnancy, when we've taken the additional "job" of these life-giving activities.

The same applies later in life during menopause, when our second engine naturally transitions from being a reproductive machine to providing a source of energy for our bodies after we reach the end of our fertile years. We need a bit of extra rest and support to help our bodies make this transition smoothly (just as if you got promoted to a new job), especially if our energy reserves are running low from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You deserve it -- the more you give to yourself, the more you can fulfill the amazing gift of creativity that nature bestowed upon us women as the unstoppable force that brings life to all of humanity.

Tips for women to save energy:

1) Rest more and do less activities during your period, and during and after pregnancy, especially if you are easily fatigued or feel burnt out. Just as you need more energy to do a second job, your body requires more energy during these energy-expensive phases.

2) Always make time for self-care, and every minute makes a difference. Studies show that even 10-15 minutes daily of walking in nature, meditation, qigong, tai chi, yoga, or even naps can significantly enhance one's emotional and physical well-being, saving your body tremendous amounts of energy that would otherwise go towards restoring and rebalancing your body from the wear and tear of stress.

3) During peri-menopause and menopause, it's even more crucial to follow these tips. Think of it as getting a promotion to a senior position -- it's an exciting yet energy-consuming transition as you're getting used to using your abilities and hard-earned wisdom in a different way. Take extra care of yourself to enjoy and make the most of your "promotion".

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